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Friday the 13th + a full moon = …

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen when a full moon coincides with Friday the 13th, just wait a few hours, because the era of hockey mask-wearing man-wolves is nigh upon us.

And, while we can hope for the wise/sardonic counsel of a decaying Griffin Dunne, it’s probably best to make solid plans. Ours include Geno’s.

Beginning at 9:30 p.m., masked guitarist/impresario Paul James Simisky III brings you Thrashday the 13th, a full night of thrash metal with instrumental surf rock thrown in for good measure.

Thrashday the 13th











The night begins with Simisky’s masked trio/occasional quartet Thee Icepicks, followed by relative newcomers Swarmlord, of Portland, and Holyfilth, of Bangor. The night concludes with stalwart death metal band Hatred Alive from Mexico, Maine.

Thee Icepicks

Paul James Simisky III of Thee Icepicks









Swarmlord is “old-school thrash” featuring members of I Barbarian and Confusatron. The band is “fresh out of the laboratory,” Simisky said, having performed only a few shows. Holyfilth has been together about eight months and has become something of a critical darling, says this critic. (We’ll get back to them in a moment.)

Hatred Alive has been around for nearly 15 years. The band was a mainstay of the Lewiston metal scene in the aughts, Simisky said. They are returning to the stage after a years-long hiatus.

“This show will be nuts,” Simisky added.


The thrash trio out of Bangor earned near-instantaneous respect and recognition from their southern peers when they played a March show at Geno’s with Hessian and Stone Tools. They write tight, memorable riffs and deliver them onstage with conviction and a hint of theatrics.

Holy Filth

Ryan Curry of Bangor’s Holyfilth.









A crowd of about 30 people caught the band on Sunday when they opened Day 2 of Mathew’s 3rd annual Old Port Festival Roof Party. Guitarist/singer Ryan Curry said the band is planning a longer, more diverse set for Thrashday, drawing from two EPs, older material and some covers.

Last week, the band released a video. It’s worth a watch, particularly for its slinky riff.

The band’s EPs are available at Name your price.

625 Congress St.



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