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PHOTOS: ‘Distracted’ release party with Pigboat, Sylvia

Urgent message: Months ago, we chose July 12 as the departure date for our vacation. (We’re not super sure what we’re vacationing from, but that’s another story.) Imagine our embarrassment when we learned our exit coincides with Shabti’s CD release party tonight at Geno’s.

We might be the last people in New England to see the band evvvvvryone is talking about, but we’re comfortable vouching for Shabti anyway.

Months ago, when we didn’t know shit about this city or its music, we struck up a conversation with a stranger outside Mathew’s. In a flippant, dismissive tone, I asked, “Are there any good bands around here?”

The stranger, who later introduced himself as Sean Libby, answered without hesitation: “Shabti.”

Don’t be stupid like us. See this show.

And now, a postmortem on Pigboat’s album release party with Sylvia.

We wish we were skilled enough to capture the spirit that emerges from Mark Belanger when he performs, but we’re new at this. Take our word, the dude has presence. You can learn more about the album, “Distracted by Adventures in Health Care,” here.

We’ll be back in a week, Portland. In the meantime, please don’t burgle our apartment.

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Despite all this, we’re not monsters.


2 comments on “PHOTOS: ‘Distracted’ release party with Pigboat, Sylvia

  1. Paul
    July 13, 2014

    Shall we not forget Mindset X – they did start the show off.

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