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Is Empire becoming a metal-friendly venue?

This week, Empire kicks off a two-day run of metal shows.

The gauntlet begins tonight at 10 with a Black Sabbath/Metallica-themed installment of the venue’s long-running Clash of the Titans series, and ends Thursday with original music from Purse, Eastern Spell and Dead by Now.

Combine these facts with Awaas’ appearance at Empire last week and we’re beginning to wonder:

Is Empire opening its doors to heavy music?

We put the question to staffers at Empire and … we’re still waiting for a full response, as of Wednesday afternoon.

Awaas at Empire, July 24

Awaas at Empire, July 24

Chris Corrado, singer of Eastern Spell, said he’s looking forward to performing at Empire, particularly on its relatively large stage.

“I can move a little bit … finally,” he said.

Eastern Spell formed two years ago, but has never played outside the same three venues: “Geno’s, Mathew’s and basements,” Corrado joked.

“It’s been difficult to get recognized by ‘mainstream’ venues in Portland,” he added. “No one has really given local metal a chance besides Geno’s. It’s definitely a relief to play under a new roof in a town where I frequent all venues.”

Eastern Spell guitarist Angus McFarland said he’s taking a wait-and-see approach on whether Empire is a new frontier for loudness.

“That would be great to see, we can always use another venue,” he said. “Not sure we can predict a trend right now, as they have sporadically hosted metal shows all along.”

Thursday’s show begins at 10 p.m. with Dead by Now and closes the night with Purse. 5 bucks.

Tonight at 10, it’s Black Sabbath vs. Metallica, which, on its face, is a no-contest bout, in our humble opinion; kinda like Batman vs. Aquaman.  The original “Clash” pairing of Metallica vs. Megadeth was slightly more equitable, but the musicians representing Megadeth had to cancel at the last minute.

Black Sabbath will be represented by members of Clubber Lang and Hessian’s Salli Wason — an assemblage that has had two days to throw together a set. Metallica is represented by members of Falls of Rauros and Superorder.

575 Congress St. 6 bucks.



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