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Road trip with Hessian, plus Murcielago et. al

This Sunday, we’re riding shotgun into a hostile land.

Like embedded reporters in the Iraq invasion, Post Mortem will stow away in the Hessian High Command Van as it rolls toward Greenfield, Massachusetts, for RPM Fest — a two-day, invitation-only, outdoor metal festival.

Assuming we survive, we’ll post pictures from the road alongside news of Hessian’s forthcoming album, tour, video and more. Look for it Tuesday or thereabouts.

In the meantime, brace yourselves for Saturday night at Geno’s, where local favorites Murcielago headline a four-act bill with out-of-towners We’re All Gonna Die, Tigerman WHOA and Blackwolfgoat. The event is hosted by impresario Johnny “The Wizard” Althoff and Murcielago’s bassist/frontman Neil Collins.

Setting it all off is Blackwolfgoat, a solo drone project/one-man-show by Darryl Shepard, who you may know from Milligram, Roadsaw, Black Pyramid, The Scimitar. Blackwolfgoat has a new record, “Drone Maintenance,” on Small Stone records.

Next is folk rock outfit Tigerman WOAH, from Rhode Island. The band is playing two Portland shows this weekend beginning with a performance at 8 p.m. tonight at Slab Cicilian Street Food, 25 Preble Street, and concluding at Geno’s on Saturday. Althoff said “folk rock” doesn’t tell the whole story. He prefers to describe Tigerman WHOA as “mountain men warriors.”

Third on the roster is Boston band We’re All Gonna Die. The band is playing a “few select shows” this summer after a years-long hiatus. Althoff described their sound as party rock, like “Soundgarden on good cocaine” —  a description that, incidentally, matches the rewards that await fallen heroes in Valhalla.

Closing out the show is Murcielago.

Collins said the band is on the verge of releasing its self-titled debut album this fall on Small Stone records which will be distributed by ADA.

“ADA is distribution house for [Warner Brothers], etc., so when it comes out we should be worldwide,” Collins said.

About half of Murcielago’s set will feature brand-new material.

9 p.m. Saturday, 625 Congress St., 7 bucks.

Also … we’re trying to develop a master list of heavy bands in Portland. So far, we’ve received nine responses. Even if we’ve covered your shows or written stories about you, we kindly request you send us an email. For starters, your cooperation will prevent us from botching the description of your sound. More importantly, it will save us oodles upon oodles of time, because we won’t have to open 16 browser tabs while we fish for answers to pressing questions such as, “How many Rs are in Andrew Barron’s last name? And does he prefer Andy?” “Is Feral’s singer Max, Alex, Max Alex or Malex?” “Is there an umlaut in Zud? ‘Cause if there isn’t, there should be.”


Our tenuous sanity is at stake here.

Murcielago et. al

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