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Swamp Water and Cushing play Empire tomorrow

Anytime Empire books a heavy band, they have our full attention. Empire’s lighting, sound and second-floor space are ascendant qualities that pair well with transcendent music.

So, it’s unfortunate that we’ll miss tomorrow’s show with Cushing, Swamp Water and out-of-towners Lecherous Gaze. (We have a paying gig on Sunday morning. Plus, we’re in the midst of a disastrous three-day solo-parenting stint that shows no signs of slowing. We apologize.)



Saturday’s lineup hews closer to rock than heavy, but Swamp Water deals in stoner music that fondly recalls Kyuss and Kalas; while relative newcomers Cushing deliver heavy chords, unexpected rhythms and natural swagger. (We’ve seen two of Cushing’s three performances and predict they’ll make a mark in the Portland scene.) Psychedelic punk rockers Lecherous Gaze, from Oakland, California, appear to be a combination of the Ramones, early AC/DC and Chuck Berry, if their Bandcamp page is any indication.

Swamp Water

Swamp Water

9:30 p.m. 575 Congress St. 7 bucks

Don’t forget to pace yourself for next week. Hessian is throwing a CD release party at Geno’s on Wednesday with Eastern Spell, Manic Abraxas and tour mates Blood of Kings. On Thursday, Sylvia, Superorder, Capture the Sun and Dour play a benefit for Grime Studios, which is raising funds to buildout a new location.

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