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Today Is The Day at Geno’s

Sometimes it’s easy to give our city a hard time.

Sometimes it seems like for every five Lacuna Coils, Sevendusts or Five Fingered Death Punches that roll onto the peninsula in massive convoys of tricked-out buses, we might get just one national act with any sincere weight — a mere pittance for a community with an appetite for the really real.


Lucky for us, this fall has offered the promise of a new day — an era that began last Saturday with Om and continues into next month with Wolvhammer and Mortals.

If you, like us, have ever complained about a lack of truly heavy national bands visiting Portland, today is the day to shut the fuck up:

Tonight at Geno’s, legendary Mainers Today Is The Day and Chicagoans Lord Mantis share the stage with local favorites Sylvia and Bostonians Rozamov.

Today Is The Day has chosen Geno’s to kick off its national tour in support of “Animal Mother,” the band’s first album on Southern Lord Recordings. And by mid-November, the trio from Orland, Maine, will have played four West Coast dates with a little band called EYEHATEGOD.

Support. Support. Support tonight’s show. Keep the good times rolling.

Tonight’s good fortune is due, in large part, to show organizer Robin Gooduhue. Sylvia guitarist Sean Libby said Goodhue deserves propers.

“Geno’s doesnt get a ton of shows that are built to crush the way this one is,” Libby said. “This is a chance to catch TITD and Lord Mantis in a setting that’s gritty, in-your-face and accessible. Robin Goodhue puts some really massive shows together.”

Libby predicts that after tonight, concert-goers’ vocabularies will forever be reduced to three simple words:

“Holy fucking shit.”

8 p.m. 625 Congress St. 10 bucks.

Speaking of support … Grime Studios’ campaign to relocate to Presumpscot Street got some ink this week in the Forecaster. Be sure to pick up a free print edition when it hits the streets tomorrow and donate whatever you can to the cause.







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This entry was posted on October 7, 2014 by in Geno's Rock Club, Grime Studios, Lord Mantis, Rozamov, Show preview, Shows, Sylvia, Today Is the Day.


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