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PHOTOS: Today Is The Day, Lord Mantis and Sylvia

There were many new faces last night at Geno’s; drawn in from Maine’s hinterlands, no doubt, by the crushing heaviness of Today Is The Day and Lord Mantis.

Man, oh man, can those bands stoke a crowd. During Today Is The Day’s set, one audience member flouted the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule by doffing both and writhing on stage. Earlier, during Lord Mantis’ set, a self-described stripper performed (what appeared to be) mock fellatio on Charlie Fell’s bass.

Both moments are preserved below for posterity.

Good times.

Grime Studios is front page news in this week's edition of The Forecaster.

Grime Studios is front page news in this week’s edition of The Forecaster.

In other news, Portland’s heavy music scene appears today on the front page of a legitimate news source. Pick up a free copy of this week’s edition of The Forecaster for a feature article on Grime Studios’ effort to relocate to Presumpscot Street. You can also find it online, but we kinda like how it appears in print.


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Yes, we’re becoming monsters.


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