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PHOTOS: Ruin, Nobis and Swarmlord

(Editor’s note: Last night we handed Post Mortem’s reigns over to guest photographer Michael Batchelder and guest correspondent Janel Croll — a circumstance we hope to repeat someday soon. Thanks, guys.)

Words by Janel Croll. Photos by Michael Batchelder.

Portland delivered a heavy-hitting show last night at Asylum.

Warming up the crowd was brutal thrash trio Swarmlord, with their customary, unapologetic assault on our ears and sensibilities (but in a way I really like).

Nobis brought a bit of modern heaviness to the table. The varied vocals range from perfected growls to numetal stylings like System of a Down or Staind. The band managed to incite a pit fight at the onset of their performance. I believe only a few egos got bruised. The technical, yet somehow understated guitar work and heavy-hitting speed drumming were personal faves.

Ruin, who just released their long-awaited third album “Rite of Passage,” were the defining act of the evening. A great mix of good ol’ thrashy guitars, dark and heavy riffing, with a taste of metalcore for pit-worthy breakdowns. Don’t miss these guys the next time they play out.

Ruin singer and guitarist Rich Carey gave a shout out to Justin Curtsinger of Grime Studios, who is still in great need of donations to open a new rehearsal space on Presumpscot Street. (Hint, hint.) Ruin, which was formed in 2005, rents a monthly space at Grime and has been there longer than any other band.


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