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Q&A with Tristan Gallagher on tonight’s video shoot for Covered in Bees

Covered in Bees

Covered in Bee’s Tristan Gallagher.

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a music video, tonight is the night.

While we can’t promise you’ll receive Tawny Kitaen-levels of exposure, you are — at the very least –guaranteed a spot in history as Covered in Bees shoots a video tonight for Troma Entertainment’s “Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 2.”

Beginning tonight at 9 at Geno’s Rock Club, Covered in Bees — purveyors of Portland death punk — will take the stage to perform “Troma Institute of Technology (TIT),” a song the band wrote specifically for the movie. Audience members are encouraged to dress up as Nuke ‘Em High characters and be prepared to recite the song’s chorus. (TIT can be downloaded free here.)

Afterward, the band will perform an all-request set. (Expect us to scream out “Skunk,” so we can experience 20 brilliant seconds of pure, blissful transcendence.)

The band has a long history with Troma. In 2005, they gave their debut album to a Troma staffer, who used the song “Drop in the Bucket” for the movie “Poultrygeist.” Years later, when Troma’s head honcho Lloyd Kaufman was in Portland promoting “Return To Nuke Em High Volume 1,” he asked Tristan Gallagher, CiB’s drummer and owner of Coast City Comics to write and record a song specifically for Volume 2.

Kaufman was originally scheduled to appear for tonight’s shoot, but he cancelled earlier this month, according to a special announcement from the Bees.

On the eve of the video shoot, we contacted the seemingly tight-lipped Gallagher to discuss the band’s relationship with Troma, and CiB’s forthcoming album.

Post Mortem: In a nutshell, what is “Troma Institute of Technology (TIT)” about?

Tristan Gallagher: TIT is just a love letter to all of the Troma films we grew up watching. Lots of movie references. Low brow and full of innuendo. Seems appropriate.

PM: Describe your relationship to Troma films.

TG: Oh God. I saw the “Toxic Avenger” at way too young an age. It was so unlike anything else I’d ever seen. So gross and wacky. Like Grand Guignol mixed with Vaudeville. “Class of Nuke ‘Em High” came out and I pieced together that this was the same company. I’ve been a fan ever since.

PM: Did you have any expectations when you sent your first album to Troma?

TG: Not really. I’d met a dude working the Troma booth at Rock & Shock and gave him our album. Turned out he was working on “Poultrygeist,” and liked the song. Lloyd also wound up using “Zombees” in “Make Your Own Damned Movie.”

PM: What is your favorite character, scene or quote from the original Class of Nuke ‘Em High?

TG: Nothing specific, but everything out of Spike‘s mouth is gold.

PM: What are you planning to wear for your costume? Or is that top secret?

TG: Shirt and tie. Then we’ll take a break and put on Cretin garb.

PM: Does that mean you’ll trade in your drum sticks for a giant bone?

TG: Damn. That’s a great idea.

PM: Anything else you want people to know? Any CiB news to put out there?

TG: The album is near completion, and we’re playing with The Upper Crust at Geno’s on November 7.

PM: Is there a title for the album? An estimated release date?

TG: “Corpse in the Mattress Motor Lodge.” It’s a concept album about us killing each other on tour. No date, but soon.





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