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Punk takeover tonight at Geno’s

It seems we can’t avoid it.

As much as we’ve publicly maligned punk in the past, we’re now caught in its tractor beam; drawn inexorably toward it like some diplomatic mission gone horribly awry.

So it helps immensely that tonight’s (mostly) punk bill at Geno’s brings the heavy, too.

13619_937150896302281_8349099243765428482_nLegendary Boston band The FUs — self-described merchants of “hardcore punk/thrash with a dash o’ metal” — headline an evening with fellow massholes Livver and Goat Felch, plus Portland stalwarts Big Meat Hammer.

Showrunner Robin Goodhue (guitarist for Livver, head honcho of Ammonia Booking, and aficionado of Amato’s sandwiches) said tonight’s lineup is “all Punk [and] some heavy punk, too.”

When asked by email to briefly describe each band, Goodhue offered this pert assessment:

FUs: legendary Boston hardcore, now with Phil from Psycho and GG Allin’s old band.

LIVVER has an extra V, don’t ask.

Goat Felch has my good bro Terry from sludge legends Grief!

Big Meat Hammer: [I’m] BFFs with Skummy Bob and have known the drummer Tony since I was out of diapers.  Jordan Kratz is a hero of mine.  Punk Rock on the real tip.

Robin Goodhue of Livver.

Robin Goodhue of Livver.

Livver, a “punk-grime-metal” band from Salem, Massachusettts, recently announced on Facebook they had written 20 new songs, a figure that Goodhue now says was an exaggeration.

“No, [it was only] six,” he said. “I was drunk on Facebook, lying.”

Nonetheless, Goodhue attributes the band’s flurry of new songs to Adam Gleason — Livver’s new bassist — and said the band’s sound is evolving as a result.

“Longer songs with speed,” he said. “[The] new songs have been a workout. I’ve been throwing in more simple Pixies-style solos when I can. Singer Bruce Bettis has a higher voice now, too.”

9 p.m. 625 Congress St. 9 bucks.


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