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Punk or prog in Portland tonight

Fans of heavy music have two options tonight in Portland. And at least one person will be doing both.

Guitarist Douglas Porter will be pulling double duty tonight at two venues when he plays with with Sunrunner on a progressive rock/metal bill at Empire, then hauls ass to Geno’s to play with Covered in Bees on a punk bill. Lucky for Porter, he uses different guitar rigs for each band.

“If all goes as planned, it should just be a simple pack-up-the-guitar-and-off-to-the-next-show sort of situation after Sunrunner plays at Empire,” Porter said. “Gonna be crazy.”


The Empire show begins at 9:30 p.m. with Sunrunner, followed by Capture the Sun and headliners Five of the Eyes. All three bands have albums in the works. Five of the Eyes announced recently it is releasing an EP and a video, while Sunrunner and Capture the Sun are both actively recording full-length albums.

CtS guitarist James Hadley said the band is planning to release the album, titled Terra Ignota, by “Q2 of next year, but that is subject to change since we aren’t really on a time constraint.” Sunrunner bassist and vocalist David Joy said his band is in the midst of recording their third album.


Neither band has any shows booked beyond tonight, so catch them while you can.

The Geno’s show goes on earliest at 8 p.m. with stalwart Portland surf rockers Thee Icepicks, followed by NYC’s The Othermen, Spain’s progressive punk band Mama Ladilla, and the Bees. (In case you missed it, check out the first installment of our newest feature, Earworm, featuring Covered in Bees’ “The Night Portland Burned.”)

Covered in Bees has been on a roll lately, having played three shows since late September, and two more scheduled between tonight and early December. The Bees recently announced that next month’s show will be an all-covers set of ’80s songs.




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