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UPDATED: Def Leppard vs. G’n’R show postponed due to snow

Hessian's Salli Wason will perform tonight asDef Leppard's  Joe Elliot in a Clash of the Titans against Guns N' Roses.

Hessian’s Salli Wason will perform tonight as Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot in a Clash of the Titans against Guns N’ Roses.

Update: This show has been postponed until further notice due to the snowstorm. Happy thanksgiving, dudes.

If you’d like to re-live the bygone days of middle school — an ancient time when the country’s president was certifiably infirm, a global nuclear fire was reasonably assured, and your virginity seemed like a desperately incurable condition — then look no further than tonight’s Clash of the Titans at Empire.

(Perhaps we’re dating ourselves.)

Beginning at 10, things will get hairy when two specially formed cover bands represent Def Leppard and Guns N’ Roses in a song-for-song duel.

Clash of the Titans

Half of Hessian will help conjure Def Leppard. In an inspired example of gender-blind casting, Salli Wason will fill the role of singer Joe Elliott. Meanwhile, Tim Webber will offer a two-armed, hair-challenged approximation of drummer Rick Allen.

The other roles will be filled by Webber’s brother Scott as the late Steve Clark, Michael Solak as guitarist Phil Collen, and Cat Stambach as bassist Rick Savage.

Wason said the setlist is culled strictly from Def Leppard’s ’80s albums. (Whew.)

In GnR’s corner is Todd Erickson as W. Axl Rose, Wesley Hurd as Slash, John Hurd as Duff, Nate Soule as Izzy, Seth Kearns  as drummers Adler/Sorum, and Todd Orcutt playing a bevy of parts, including “Axl’s split personality, Buckethead, Gilby Clarke, Shannon Hoon,” and more.

As of 2:30 Wednesday, the show is on despite snowy weather. Organizers said they’ll keep an eye on the storm and “will update the event ASAP if anything changes.”

10 p.m., 575 Congress St., 6 bucks.


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