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PHOTOS: Murcielago CD release & The Nunz’s BD party


Shows in Portland are sometimes awkward affairs.

On off nights, crowds can be thin and performers self-conscious. Sometimes the sound is shitty and the lighting dismal. Sometimes you wonder what’s missing.

Saturday was not one of those times.

Last night’s bash at Empire had it all. The show, which served dual purposes as a CD release party for Murcielago and a 30th birthday party for Holly Nunan, had that quintessential element — the catalyst that transforms matter into pure energy.

In short, it was a perfect night.

After a string of high-profile accolades for the recently released Murcielago, the album’s namesake band took the stage with the same victorious swagger as returning astronauts in a ticker-tape parade.

It helped, no doubt, that Eldemur Krimm ignited the crowd in typical, thunderous fashion. (Unfortunately, we missed Dominic and the Lucid‘s opening set due to a paying gig.) Surprisingly, Neil Collins was absent from stage right during EK’s set. Collins said on Sunday that he recently left Krimm to focus on Murcielago for the time being — a circumstance that he described as “very friendly and consensual.”

“Getting the Murcielago baby down the birth canal has pretty much taken all my free time for the last few months, and I couldn’t commit the time [to Eldemur Krimm],” he said. “Maybe sometime later we’ll work as a four-piece again.”

Saturday’s success is largely due to guest of honor Holly Nunan. Last week, The Nunz turned 30. To celebrate, Nunan hand-picked the bands. She also leapt to the stage twice to belt out songs with Murcielago: First on a cover of Sabbath’s “Paranoid” alongside Hessian‘s Angus McFarland; later on a Murcielago original.

We’d also like to give propers to whomever ran the lighting Saturday.

That was some varsity-level shit, mang.

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Yes, we’re monsters.

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