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Readers’ poll, plus news roundup

It’s that time of year: a time to give, receive, and suffocate beneath a pile of “best of” lists from every publication on God’s gray earth.

Here at Post Mortem, we’re not immune to such temptations. After all, it’s an otherwise quiet time of year for heavy music in Portland. With the exception of Johnny Cremains (who we’ll discuss below), it seems most of Satan’s agents here in Portland have scurried underground in deference to the the yearly arrival of Krampus. So, rather than sit on our laurels, or linger like creeps under mistletoe, we’ve put together a short run of “best of” articles to pass the time.

Most of these lists are back-patting affairs. We’re pretty pleased with our first year on this beat, so we’d like to share some of our favorite photographs. As such, we’ve compiled four lists with 14 photographs apiece. The lists include the best crowd shots, best photos of drummers, best photos of out-of-towners, and the best of Portland heaviness in general.

Those lists will run back-to-back from Sunday, Dec. 28, through Wednesday, Dec. 31.

We’d like to cap that run with the results of a readers’ poll. So, we put it to you, Portland:

What was the Band of the Year for 2014?

To get the ball rolling, we’ve nominated the six heavy Portland bands that released albums in 2014, but we’ll also accept write-ins. (Please limit responses to bands included in the master list.) We’d like to know which band you think worked the hardest, played best, exceeded expectations, and served as a mighty example of what this awesome city is capable of.

We’ll keep the poll open for one week (until Friday, Dec. 26). Please vote only once. Feel free to vote for yourself, but please don’t enlist the help of Aunt Mimi from Dubuque. Ballot stuffing sucks. We want this to be a snapshot of Portland by Portland, so play nice.

Johnny Cremains show Sunday

Congress Bar and Grill is throwing its annual holiday celebration at 7:30 p.m. Sunday at Geno’s Rock Club. It’s open to all and free, we’re told.

The bill is eclectic with hip-hop phenom Eyenine, rock ‘n’ rollers The Gamma Goochies, and the genius-collective known as Johnny Cremains.Johnny Cremains

JC frontman and teen heartthrob Sean Libby said the band will be playing a mix of old, new and cover songs, including unique renditions of Portishead’s “Wandering Star” and the Julee Cruise/David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti collaboration “She Would Die for Love.”

Libby said the set times are still taking shape, but JC will appear either in the middle or last.


Holy shit. What a week in Portland music news.

First, we learned that High on Fire is coming to Port City Music Hall early next month. Then Eastern Spell announced they’ll be opening the show. HoF also announced they’ll be recording a new album in Salem, Massachusetts, early next year, so this seemingly interminable dry spell since De Vermis Mysteriis will soon draw to a merciful close.Eastern Spell

Falls of Rauros has been seeping ever deeper into national metalhead consciousness. In the past week, their new album, “Believe in No Coming Shore,” appeared on two year-end lists, including Stereogum, where it surpassed works by Pallbearer and Witch Mountain. At Invisible Oranges, BiNCS took the top spot.

Stone ToolsStone Tools announced this week that they’ve found a new drummer and their five-month hiatus is over. Portland resident Zack Obeirn takes over for former drummer Calvin Heine. ST guitarist Zak Haab said the new Zack “doesn’t love anything except victory and beer, just like us.” The rebirth is scheduled for mid-January with Totality and Necronomichrist.

Finally, Portland’s beloved Twisted Roots is reuniting for a benefit show next month.

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