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PHOTOS: Johnny Cremains

Johnny Cremains

Nothing kickstarts the holidays quite like a pair of leg lamps.

Last night, Johnny Cremains plugged in their signature electric gams, illuminating a set of old, new and cover songs at Geno’s.

The show was part of an annual holiday party for the employees of Congress Bar & Grill. Despite the occasion, the five members of Johnny Cremains traded in their fab neckties for an uncharacteristically informal look.

Nonetheless, the band delivered its set in customary fashion — tight, passionate and smart as fuck.

In an alternate universe — a magical place where talent, hard work and brilliant lyricism are highly valued — Johnny Cremains is the most popular band. Yet here, in our nightmarish realm of unearned successes, JC toils in unfair obscurity.

If there’s any consolation, it’s that we get to see these guys on the reg — to hear their transportive stories, move to their intricate rhythms, and watch in amazement as guitarist Doug Porter crams an unimaginable number of notes into the slimmest of measures.

It’s like watching someone parallel park a car at 100 mph.

*     *     *

In other news, our year-end readers’ poll is still open. Tell us who has earned the title Band of the Year.

As we mentioned last week, we’ve nominated the six heavy Portland bands that released albums in 2014, but we’re also accepting write-ins. (Please limit responses to bands included in the master list.) We’d like to know which band worked the hardest, played best, exceeded expectations, and served as a mighty example of what this awesome city is capable of.

We’ll keep the poll open until Friday, Dec. 26. Please vote only once. Feel free to vote for yourself, but please don’t enlist the help of Aunt Mimi from Dubuque. Ballot stuffing sucks. We want this to be a snapshot of Portland by Portland, so play nice.

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Yes, we’re monsters.

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