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PHOTOS: Twisted Roots, Big Meat Hammer and Thee Icepicks

(Photo by Ryan Brownewell)

Big Meat Hammer performs during a benefit show for Mimi Feld at Geno’s. (Photo by Ryan Brownewell)

Photos by guest contributor Ryan Brownewell

Twisted Roots, Big Meat Hammer and Thee Icepicks performed a benefit show Saturday at Geno’s.

The event was a fundraiser for Mimi Feld — a fixture in Portland’s punk scene, and fellow music documentarian. By all accounts, the show was a success. In a Facebook post Sunday, Feld had this to say:

I want to thank everyone for coming last night. It was a huge success and wow!! What a testament to love and community and lifelong friends!! I’m so blown away!! So touched honored and humbled. … Twisted Roots, I was there in the beginning and I was so honored to be a part of your reunion.

Tonight, don’t miss Eastern Spell opening for the legendary High on Fire. Doors open at 7 at Port City Music Hall.

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One comment on “PHOTOS: Twisted Roots, Big Meat Hammer and Thee Icepicks

  1. gorehound13
    January 11, 2015

    Good photos.BMH had a blast last night.

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