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PHOTOS: Pharmakon



That’s probably the best catch-all word to describe last night’s event at Geno’s — a wide-ranging bill that featured NYC solo noise act Pharmakon; Maine lo-fi rock band Standing Stones; Portland sludge band Mugwort; self-injurious Boston hardcore punk band Sadist; and Remy Brecht’s solo project Scrotal Tear.

(Alas, we missed nearly all of it shooting a sportsball game.)

Pharmakon is especially fearless. How else would you describe Margaret Chardiet’s haunted wails and feral flailing? How else would you characterize a (disarmingly brief) performance that included Chardiet wading through a crowd, roping a complete stranger with a microphone cord and dragging him around like a slave?

Most surprising is that Pharmakon has an audience at all.

This isn’t meant as an attack on her talents, because clearly she has them. Instead, it’s surprising that her act is relatable. To witness such a berserk performance and recognize something familiar suggests that we’re all just blackened pools of sorrow, fear and rage; that we are a murderous species with a common language of suffering; that civilization is the thinnest and most fragile of veneers.

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Yes, we’re monsters.


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