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A family affair tonight at Geno’s with Falls of Rauros, Feral, and Obsidian Tongue

Never mind the white stuff falling from the sky.

Tonight, Portland maintains its heart of blackness when Falls of Rauros, Obsidian Tongue, and Feral take the stage at Geno’s. (Show organizer G. Souza said a snow cancellation is “highly unlikely”; however, Portland officials have issued a city-wide ban on parking tonight, beginning at 10.)

(Designed by G. Souza.)

It’s a rare show. Family-like connections weave throughout tonight’s bill: Portland black metallers Falls of Rauros are label mates with Massachusetts duo Obsidian Tongue, and two of FoR’s members play for opening act/show-stealer Feral.

FoR guitarist/singer Aaron Charles said tonight’s headlining set spans all three of the band’s LPs, including their most recent, Believe in No Coming Shore, which was featured on several national “best of 2014” lists, including Stereogum, Invisible Oranges, and No Clean Singing.

Charles said he takes the accolades with a grain of salt.

“It’s very appreciated of course, and definitely surprising,” he said. “I’m not sure how much stock people place in lists anyway.”

Jordan Guerette of Falls of Rauros.

Jordan Guerette of Falls of Rauros.

Tonight’s penultimate band, Obsidian Tongue, will be taking a break from live performances after tonight’s show. According to their Facebook page, the duo will focus on recording a third album and reemerge on stages this fall.

Falls of Rauros and Obsidian Tongue played together last month at Winterblot Fest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with many other label mates from Bindrune Recordings. Although a mere two-piece, the fullness of Obsidian Tongue’s sound is startling, complex, and nuanced, Charles said.

“People see them for the first time and their reaction is … ‘What the fuck was that? That was amazing,'” he said.



Charles and fellow FoR guitarist Jordan Guerette are pulling double duty tonight as members of Portland’s brightest upstart Feral. That band, comprised also of members from Stone Tools and newcomer/force of nature Malex, are in the midst of recording an album with plans developing to play shows throughout the year, including out of state, Charles said.

Falls of Rauros will appear again in March with Portland’s AFRAID and Italian doom trio Father Murphy — a doom trio from Italy —  at SPACE Gallery.

Tonight’s show begins around 9:30 at Geno’s, 625 Congress St.

6 bucks.



One comment on “A family affair tonight at Geno’s with Falls of Rauros, Feral, and Obsidian Tongue

  1. Jeremy
    January 24, 2015

    As always, thanks for the Geno’;s update…

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