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Swans, Xylouris White play Port City tonight


Good things come to those who wait.

Thirty-three years after Swans‘ formation, the notoriously loud experimental rock band is finally touching down in Portland for an appearance tonight at Port City Music HallEarplugs are advised; headbanging is discouraged.

In 2015, the lineup is drastically different (founder Michael Gira is the lone remaining element from the band’s earliest days) and song selections are culled almost exclusively from newly written material or its three most recent albums — recordings that occurred after a 13-year hiatus ended in 2010.

But that’s not a bad thing. Two of its most recent albums were included in Pitchfork’s recent list of the Top 100 albums of the decade (so far).

Tonight’s show is the starting point for the second leg of a North American tour in support of their most recent album, To Be Kind. Since May, the band has played more than 50 dates in four continents, most recently in Beijing on Feb. 4. The band is currently booked through July, including another lengthy stint in Europe.

Swans are joined by Xylouris White. There is no local opener.

9 p.m./504 Congress St./$22

Also, here’s 27 well-spent minutes:



2 comments on “Swans, Xylouris White play Port City tonight

  1. John Tibbetts
    February 17, 2015

    A slight addendum may be warranted. Norman Westburg has played on nearly every Swans record apart from one or two in the 90’s (I forget which), and is still in the current line up. For my money, if any other member is indispensable apart from Gira, it’s Westburg. Tonight is going to be awesome!

    • bmccanna
      February 17, 2015

      Thanks for the clarification, John. I’m going to let it stand as written, because Westburg wasn’t a founding member, so the wording is accurate. I suppose the wording might not be as useful to the reader as it would be to re-write it to include Westburg, but hopefully folks will scroll down this way for the straight dope. Incidentally, say what you will about Wikipedia, but there’s a super useful graph of members’ timelines in this article (assuming it’s accurate):

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