Post Mortem

A photographic account of heavy music in Portland, Maine

PHOTOS: Hessian, Heavy Necker, and Eldemur Krimm, plus Murcielago and Superorder tonight


Photos by guest contributor John Macy

Rock for Spock.

That was the theme of the night at Empire, where Hessian, Heavy Necker, and Eldemur Krimm melted faces in memory of Leonard Nimoy, who died yesterday at the admirable age of 83.

The evening was also notable for a lengthy on-stage call to action by Fred Dodge — Eldemur Krimm’s irrepressible singer/guitarist. According to guest contributor John Macy, Dodge implored the audience to start a televised revolution while also commandeering all IROC-Zs in Portland.

“Fred is a classic,” Macy reports.

Postmortem below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tonight offers two opportunities to get heavy.

At Port City Music Hall, stoner rock standard-bearers Murcielago headline a show with locals Five of the Eyes and Bostonians Never Got Caught. Five of the Eyes, a progressive rock outfit, are celebrating the recent release of their EP “FOTE.”

Next month, Murcielago will make an appearance at the annual State of the State show, according to bassist/vocalist Neil Collins. The band will perform a song with Portland rock band 6Gig as a one-off “supergroup.”

Tonight’s show begins at 9 p.m. at 504 Congress St. Tickets are $10.

At Bayside Bowl, mind-bending progressive space explorers Superorder headline a free show with Old Etc., Rick Rude, and New Legs.

The show marks the final performance of bassist Plantmind (Kyle Scofield), who is moving to, um, greener pastures in Northern California and will be gone at least 10 months, if not longer. In the meantime, Trycho (Tony Babb) — the original bassist for Capture the Sun — will be filling in.

“We plan to be as active as we’ve ever been,” said guitarist/programmer z2k (Zak Taillon).

The band also plans to release its digital-format music on CD, plus a visual version on DVD with some live and outtake footage. T-shirts will also be available beginning April 20.

*wink, wink*

“I am also currently composing our next album,” Taillon said.

Tonight’s show begins at 8 at 58 Alder St.

And last but not least, this looks freaking amazing.

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