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PHOTOS: Today Is the Day, Shabti, and Sylvia

Today Is the Day

Well, here it is, folks: The final dispatch from Post Mortem.

I could hardly have asked for a better night to sign off. Sylvia was in top form, showing a little evolution in their set with guitarist Sean Libby adding backing vocals in a couple of songs. (Libby sported an eye patch to cover a legit injury.) I finally saw Shabti — a band that easily lived up to their mammoth reputation.

I missed Lazer/Wulf’s set because — like a sucker — I had to run home and clear space on my memory card, but I made it back just in time to catch Today Is the Day.

The band’s lineup is two-thirds different from what we saw at Geno’s last November, but the new arrangement seems to suit frontman/founder Steve Austin, who was every bit as uncaged as you’d expect.

And thus, one of the most fun eras in my adult life draws to a close. Thanks again for reading Post Mortem and offering your support and companionship over the past year. Thanks also to the blog’s many guest contributors: Michael Batchelder, Janel Croll, John Macy, Ryan Brownewell, Matthew Robbins, and Bob Ulrich. And thanks to the bands who have been so accommodating. I couldn’t have done it without you.

See you around the block.

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