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A photographic account of heavy music in Portland, Maine

PHOTOS: Manic Abraxas at Old Port Festival

Manic Abraxas Sometimes the planets align. While we were on assignment covering the Old Port Festival for The Forecaster, we decided it would be stupid if our coverage didn’t include Mathew’s annual rooftop party. As luck would have it, Manic Abraxas happened to be playing while we were stalking through the neighborhood. It seemed like the best of all worlds: cover the unsung event of Old Port Festival, shoot a fucking kickass band, and sneak a little metal past the editorial desk of Portland’s best weekly paper. So here you go. As of publication time, at least two bands remain at Mathew’s tonight: Falls of Rauros and Mugwort. Get down there, yo.

If you borrow these images for Facebook or whatnot, please credit us. (Watermarking sucks and we don’t wanna do it.) Also, don’t crop or alter. Yes, we’re monsters. If you’d like to see examples of our other works, kindly go here.

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