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Eldemur Krimm


This entry needs more information. Send info to Please include the words “master list” in the subject line.

  • Status: active/hiatus/defunct/it’s complicated
  • Year formed/year of hiatus or break-up
  • Members’ names and their instruments
  • Brief description of sound. Two sentences maximum. While we acknowledge that no one likes to be pigeonholed, labels are still useful. If you’re doom, death, black, etc., go ahead and say it. Feel free to get abstract with the second sentence.
  • Discography
  • Links to websites/social media, in the order of your preference (i.e., if Facebook is the best way to stay in touch with your audience, put that first on the list [but, really, y’all should get on Twitter, post haste]).
  • Contact information (optional)

6 comments on “Eldemur Krimm

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