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A photographic account of heavy music in Portland, Maine


Justin Curtsinger at Grime Studios’ current location on Thompson’s Point. The rehearsal/performance space will relocate to roomier digs at 299 Presumpscot Street, if enough money can be raised by early October.

Justin Curtsinger of Zud

  • Status: On hiatus since March 2014
  • Year formed: 2009 (originally as a solo project by Justin Curtsinger)
  • Members: 

Justin Curtsinger: rhythm guitar, vocals

Tim Walker (bass)

  • Former members:

Conrad Carpenter: bass

Scott Beckett: bass

Zak Haab: lead guitar

Greg Souza: drums

  •  Sound:  Blackened outlaw rock ‘n’ roll
  • Discography:
“Fevered Dreams” (EP) 2011
“The Good, the Bad and the Damned” (LP) 2013
  • Links:

  • Contact: (Do not try to get in touch via Facebook)


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